HARMONIUMS AND REED ORGANS created: 11-10-2011
1 Private collections updated: 6-12-2011
2 Private collections that can be visited NR means: Number of instruments in collection, when known.
3 Official Museums Unknown number is shown as 0
Quick links
Country City Name Status NR Web site Google Full URL
Belgium Antwerpen Museum Vleeshuis 3 Vleeshuis Map http://museum.antwerpen.be/vleeshuis//index.htm
Belgium Klein Willebroek Harmonium Art Museum 3 Museum Map http://www.harmoniummuseum.centerall.com/
Belgium Mechelen Collection Wannes Vanderhoeven 1 10 Organist Map http://www.organist.be
England Saltaire Museum closed indefenitely (1.12.2011) 2 Saltair  Map http://www.harmoniumnet.nl/museum-saltaire-ENG.html
France Anduze Musée de Musique Anduze Map http://www.musee-musique.com/fr/
France Bars Muséé de l'Harmonium 1 Map
France Egliseneuve Près-Billom Collection des Amis d'Escolore 2 Escolore Map http://escolore.chez.com/
France Paris Collection Philippe Dufour 2 Dufour Map http://www.grandorgueenliberte.fr/
France Saint-Etienne Musée de Clavier "Toccata" 2 Toccata Map http://www.musee-toccata.net/instruments.html
France Vigy Olivier Schmitt 1 4 Metz/Vigy Map http://olivierschmitt.free.fr/
Germany Berlin Musik Instrumenten Museum 3 Berlin Museum Map http://www.sim.spk-berlin.de/index.html
Germany Bruchsaal Mechanische Musik Instrumenten Museum 2 Bruchsaal Map http://www.belle-alliance.com/bruchsal/infos/infos.html
Germany Leipzig Museum Musik Instrumenten Univ. Leipzig 3 Leipzig Museum Map http://www.grassimuseum.de/
Germany Markneukirchen Musik Instrumenten Museum 3 Markneukirchen Map http://www.museum-markneukirchen.de/
Germany Rudesheim  Siegfrieds Mechanisch Musik Kabinett 2 Siegfrieds Kabinett Map http://www.siegfrieds-musikkabinett.de/
Germany Trossingen Museum Hohner Deutsches Harmonika Museum 3 Hohner Collection Map http://www.harmonika-museum.de/
Germany Wangelin Harmonium Museum Udo Thein 2 Map
Germany Windesheim Orgel Art Museum Windesheim Map http://www.kreisbadkreuznach.de/index.php?id=614
New Zealand Woodville Woodville Organ Museum Woodville Map http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~milrose/
Norway Söderhamn  Klaviermuseum  3 Klaviermuseet Map http://www.klaverenshus.se/
Sweden Stockholm Stockholm Musik Museum 3 Musik museet Map http://www.musikmuseet.se/index.php?l=en
Sweden Trondheim Musical Instruments Museum 3 Trondheim Map http://www.trondheim.com/content/1116500913/Museums
Switzerland l'Auberson Museum Musik Instrumenten BAUD 1 Music Boxes Map http://www.museebaud.ch/index.php
Switzerland Liestal Harmonium Museum Liestal 2 Liestal Stalder Map http://www.harmoniummuseum.ch/
The Netherlands Aalsmeer Rev. Jaap Spaans 1 27 Aalsmeer Map
The Netherlands Barger-Compascuum Harmonium Museum Nederland 3 70 HMN website Map http://www.harmonium-museum.nl/
The Netherlands Bennekom Kijk - en Luister Museum 3 Kijkenluister Map http://www.kijkenluistermuseum.nl/
The Netherlands Dieren Louis Huivenaar  1 20 Dieren Map http://www.harmonium.com
The Netherlands Kornhorn Wim Olthof 1 45 Kornhorn Map
The Netherlands Paasloo Galerie "De Horst" 2 Galery Map http://www.grenzeloosambachtelijk.nl/deelnemers/braad.html
The Netherlands Stadskanaal Museum Norder 2 Musica  Map http://www.museum-musica.nl/
The Netherlands Utrecht Museum van Speeldoos tot Pierement 3 Speeldoos Map http://www.museumspeelklok.nl/
USA Brattleboro Estey Museum 3 Estey Brattleboro Map http://www.esteyorganmuseum.org/
USA Sharon Springs, Kansas Dick Rhea 2 80 Rhea Museum Map http://www.rhea-antique-pump-organs.com/