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Societé Mustel

An article by Victor Mustel

Victor Mustel versus J.N. Lemmens


Dumont - Mustel

Mustel 3mp 1909



Mustel Partition



The official patent ( Brevet) of the Concertal with harmonium & celesta.

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Serial number 914 137 in the Schiedmayer Collection.

Mustel Partition

The Partition is invented by Mustel
The Partition was patented in 1888. It contained 12 (one octave) steel  bars resting on felt, somewhat similar to the Celesta invented earlier. It was built as a tuning device.

The Partition is in a little box containing 12 notes tuned in even temperament diapason 870 vibrations ( = 435 Hz).
This tuning device measured 8 x 31 x 16 cm (height x width x dept), the weight of this box including packing is 3 kgs.
The box was made of Acajou wood [“Anacardium occidentale"] a wood that resembles Mahagony.
The Partition shown in these pictures is in the Schiedmayer Instruments Collection at Wendlingen. The box is rather plain. Some more elaborate cases have been found.

In the 1896 catalogue it was sold at 38 Francs, the price mentioned in this one is 60 Francs.

Mustel Partition serialnumber