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Harmonium Catechism







Harmonium Catechism

Published in 1877 by John Hiles from England, a rather early explanation of the harmonium in all its details, both mechanism and playing.

At this moment I have not yet seen an original of this 132 page book.

Dr. James Tyler possesses a xerox copy of the original book, and offered to scan it for me. To obtain an edition to be on the internet.

However, when I started working on the book, I found that even a top notch OCR engine was not able to to create a searchable text. Hence, I decided to start retyping it in a modern Wordprocessor.

And after almost a month of typing, checking, editing, the book is now available in Acrobat. The text is fully searchable now.

The Acrobat file is designed in landscape format, showing two columns of text. The columns are approxemately full size pages of the original book. Landscape format was choses, due to newer models of screens on computers are wide screen, nowadays.

This Acrobat document is free for download. Feel free to download it and forward it to any interested party. However, to avoid misuse of the file, it is secured. You can forward it, print it. Copying text or images is not possible.

The text, after typing, has been spell checked thouroughly. Where the original has typical spelling for 1877, this spelling is used.



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