Manufacturing the Muse

Estey Organs and Consumer Culture in Victorian America
by Dennis G. Waring

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Manufacturing the Muse


Dennis G. Waring: Manufacturing the Muse. Estey organs & Consumer Culture in Victorian America

Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, Connecticut
isbn 0-8195-6507-5 hardbound editie
isbn 0-8195-6508-3 paperback editie

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List of illustrations VIII
Preface XIII
Acknowledgements XVII

Introduction 1

Part I - Reed Organ Contexts

1. The Reed Organ and the Victorian image 19
2. Sing the old songs 49

Part II - The Estey Saga

3. The Perfect Melodeon 79
4. The Estey Organ Company 111
5. After Jacob Estey 169

Appendix A: Timelines 205
Appendix B: Maps 210
Appendix C: Diagrams, Charts, Tables 212
Appendix D: Estey Reed Organ Casework and Tonal design 221 (by E.A. Boadway)
Appendix E: Sound production with free reeds 232 (by Ned Phoenix)
Appendix F: Music scores 263

Notes 269
Bibliography 331
Index 341
Victorian Sounds on Estey Organs: The Compact Disc 354


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