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The Rose of Holland


Recycling Mason & Hamlin Parts into Art

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Imagine this: For a few decades you have a Mason & Hamlin 3mp reed organ in your living room.

Organ and Art


This model has been referred to as the Rolls-Royce of Pedal Reed Organs. It is playable. Some minor flaws. And when played some of the historic organists and composers are in the room, every time the keys are touched by the owner.  Remember that I published “Bach’s letzte Reise” on this website? It wasn’t, Bach travelled numerous times to this living room somewhere in Holland. Mind you, Bach explicitly asked to attending incognito. We respect that.

Bach incogito

Savings account

Each month the lady  - lovely might I add - of the Manor walks to the local bank to put additional monetary funding to the account. The organ manages to survive all these decades. And in the deepest financial crisis of the last 50 years the owners of this particular Mason & Hamlin, somewhere in the early years of the 21st Century,  opened the envelope containing the bank’s account statement. "Yes, yes, he smiles. It is all there, it is enough to make the phone call to contract the restorer."

The restoration is contracted as to be a full overhaul. Felt, leather, replaced. Reeds cleaned, tuned. The mechanism regulated. The case treated with new layers of historic painting.   Metal parts cleaned and sealed. “It is Finished” the owner recalled from a previous occupation.

The recycling

When felt and leather have to be removed and replaced with new, what to do with the remains of ‘old stuff’? The living room is not only the space where multiple musical instruments set the atmosphere. It is also the artists atelier. And most of the time old felt and leather end up being dumped in the trash bin.
Not in this case, however.

Copyright Auke Mulder


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