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New Era Organ Co.

North East, PA. Founded in the spring of 1873 by John A. Smith, who was the superintendent and director, A.W. Blaine, president and director, and others.
Organ Street in North East was named for the New Era Organ Co.
Joseph H. Reed later joined the company and the name was changed to J.H. Reed in 1880.
It was seized by the sherrif in 1889. See: John A. Smith

Smith, John A. Washington, NJ 1850; North East, PA 1873; Erie, PA 1881. Melodeon and reed organ maker. Has numerous reed organ patents. In 1899 Adam Fickes is listed a president, John A. Smith, treasurer and Frank Pl. Smith, secretary.
See: New Era Organ Co.

The above details are from: Gellerman's International Reed Organ Atlas. Robert F. Gellerman, 1998


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Van: reedorgans-list Namens Nicholas Lemonds
Verzonden: dinsdag 9 november 2010 1:58
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Onderwerp: [Reedorgans] New Era Organ Co.

Does anyone have any information about the New Era Organ Company of North East, PA in Erie County?
I have been able to find very little about it. I recently purchased a New Era organ in Birmingham, AL which dates to 1875 according to the writing on the sound board. The only thing I know is that the company's name may have changed to the J.H. Reed Organ Company in 1880. I would appreciate any help you all could give me.

I am currently restoring this organ and want to know everything I can about it. I am particularly interested in the peculiar way in which the stop function. There are buttons below the keyboard that one pushed to activate the stop and it seems that the stop pulls are more for identification rather than actual use. I am attaching a photo of my organ for reference. Thanks for the help!
Nicholas Lemonds 

This was the picture attached:

New Era Organ



The buttons below the keyboard, do they swith 'ON' or are they releases to swith "OFF". A closer look to the stops above the keyboard, seems to move up and down.

Maybe some more 'close up' pictures could reveal the mistery.