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You are going to experience a kind of mystery. It is obvious this instrument is built by Mustel. It is a roll player. No serial number, no year.  At least:  not yet available.

We know of a Modèle Concertal in the Saltaire Museum of Harmonium, alas, no picture of the Concertal.  Has anyone ever seen a picture of a Concertal?

Below are pictures of a roll player harmonium-celesta.

The pictures are king size, and with slower internet connections it can take some time to open the page.

All pictures are in logical order, so enjoy. There is no text yet, but we hope to retrieve information on short notice.

The instrument as shown is unplayable. Only a year ago it was for sale for a mere € 45.000. Before the sale was realized the owner passed away.

It is now in trustworthy hands, but needs rebuilding and restoration. For obvious reason we don’t mention the name of the present owner.

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When rebuild it looks like this