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The Schiedmayer family is a rare phenomenon in the history of musical instrument making, an unbroken dedication to a continuously evolving craft spanning a period of over 270 years, by members of the same family.

Balthasar Schiedmayer, the founder of the company, built his first clavichord in 1735 in Erlangen. Seventyfour years later, in 1809 one of his grand-sons, Johann Lorenz, established the piano manufacturing company Schiedmayer & Söhne in Stuttgart. The tradition of making keyboard instruments (clavichord, upright- and grand-pianos, harmoniums, pianolas, celestas) was passed from generation to generation. Schiedmayer & Söhne has been the first using the English action in the pianos in Germany as well as the first manufacturing Harmoniums in this country.


J. & P. Schiedmayer
Julius and Paul Schiedmayer were the sons of Johann Lorenz and great-grandsons of Balthasar.
After studying harmonium building in London, England and later on with Debain and Alexandre in Paris, France, they began building harmoniums in 1853. In 1903 we find the company to be renamed to Schiedmayer Pianofortefabrik vormals J. und P. Schiedmayer. Paul and Max Schiedmayers are proprietors in 1903. Max was the son of Paul. Paul made harmoniums up to 1950.

In 1980 the J. & P. Schiedmayer company was incorporated in the Ibach piano company and production of instruments was ceased.

Schiedmayer Pianofortefabrik has allways been associated with Schiedmayer & Söhne. Serialnumbers of harmoniums and piano's have allways been shared between the two companies.

Schiedmayer & Söhne, established 1809, still in business in 1930. Associated with J. & P. Schiedmayer. And - yet in 2009 - still in business and extant.

In 2009 mrs. Elianne Schiedmayer is CEO of both

  • Schiedmayer & Söhne GmbH & Co KG
  • Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH.

Both companies, now under the inspriring management of Elianne, are still in Stuttgart, and still owned by the Schiedmayer family.


Today, Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH, the only remaining instrument maker of this distinguish family, plays a unique role worldwide. It is currently the sole company manufacturing the musical instrument Celeste invented in Paris by Victor Mustel. The celesta-action has been patented in 1886: felt-hammers set in motion by the keys, strike from above tuned steel bars placed on v-shaped felts resting on wooden resonators. Besides the Celestas, the company manufactures keyboard-glockenspiels and a glockenspiel for pipe organs.

In connection with the two hundred years’ anniversary of Schiedmayer in Stuttgart, Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH organized the 3rd international composition contest for celesta-solo and celesta with ensemble and orchestra. It has been a big success, 145 compositions from 36 countries took part to the contest. The winning scores will be performed on June 28th 2009 during the birthday’s celebration at the Hochschule für Musik in Stuttgart.

If you want to know more about this special family, we recommend the lecture of “ The Fortepiano Writings of Streicher, Dieudonné and the SCHIEDMAYERS written by Dr. Preethi de Silva (Yale University ) published at the Edwin Mellen Press, 978-0-7734-4874-2 [ ]

Link to this book

Website of Schiedmayer


Celebrations programme

Sunday 27th of June 2009 A.D. the Concert Hall of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart will be the place to be to celebrate a unique moment. At 11:00 Prof. Dr. Werner Heinrichs will officially open the Celebration Schiedmayer 200 Years in Stuttgart.

Following that 4 esteemed members of the German Music will present Congratulations to the Schiedmayer firm, now under guidance of mrs. Elianne Schiedmayer. And starting the countdown to 2037 when this firm will exist for 300 years!

Congratulation speeches are given by:

  • Dr. Susanne Eisenman, Mayor for Culture in Stuttgart
  • Hilde Cost, Chamber of Commerce
  • Ulrich Sauter, Chairman of the Association of the German Pianomakers
  • Gerhard Meinl, President of the BDMH (German Association of Musical Instrument Makers)

Historical Schiedmayer instruments will be featured in concert by Preethi de Silva and Thomas Wellen.

A presentation of the Celesta by Prof. dr. Christian Ahrens.

Newsflash A new book about the invention and the musical meaning and use of the Celesta by dr. Ahrens. The book is in German and English. Details to follow!


Composition Contest

The four Awardees of the 3rd International Celesta Composition Contest will perform their winning compositions.

Performing are:

  • Maximilian Gruth: "Hynoposis" for Celesta and Piano
  • Martin Kapeller: "Hommage à Schreker" for Celesta - Harp - Harmonium - Violin
  • Shingo Matsuura: "Time of Dewdrops" for Celesta solo
  • Valery Volonov: "Seven Haikus" for Celesta solo

We are proud to announce that we will be recording the performances of all Awardees.

Following the concerts the time has come to "kiss and hug" mrs. Schiedmayer, and have some snacks and drinks.


Schiedmayer factory

From 15:00 the factory will be rearranged to be an exhibition room. Various historical documents and instruments will be exhibited.

Seyffardt Katalog


This page will be filled with (lots of) pictures made at the Celebration and an overview of the history of the harmonium building part of the company.